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    • z390_v1704.zip - fixes and enhancements - 2021-01-08  See readme txt file in zip for help)
      • RPI 2223 fix to support relocation of 28 RIL 32 bit immediate instruction fields
      • RPI 2220 enhancement to add parameter support to ACALL, AENTRY, AEXIT structured macros
      • RPI 2012 fix contributed by John Ganci to correct pz390 bytes to hex routine used in SNAP dumps
      • John Ganci also contributed 5 BAT command fixes to correct mixed case inconsistencies
      • RPI 2225 fixes to zopcheck to validate all 167 immediate relative address operands plus a number of other specific instruction corrections for vector operand order and RXB field bits.  See zopcheck documentation here:  http://www.zopcodes.info/zopcheck.pdf
      • RPI 2227 add 16 byte buffer to main memory to prevent address exceptions on packed decimal field fetches.
      •  RPI 2228 add BAT\ZPARTRS command to support z390 Program Analysis Report showing source line and assembler execution trace for both assembler and zCOBOL source programs.  Run BAT\RUNZPAR.BAT to see examples.   See online documentation:  http://www.z390.info/zpar/ZPARTRS_Source_Execution_Trace_Utility.htm
      fixes and enhancements - 2020-11-19
      • Enhancements to improve Linux and Mac compatibity
      • Additional 20 mainframe instructions added to z390 assembler and zopcheck verification program
      • z390 Sort Utility added with documentation and 3 sort demos
    • z390_v1702.zip - fixes and enhancements - 2020-11-02
      • See z390_v1702_readme.txt for how to install and run regression tests and demos
      • Fixes
        • RPI 2210 Fix SETA to support EQU variable operands which may require lookahead
        • RPI 2211 Fix option PCOPT causing corruption of &X SETA N-&X. Option turned off as work-around
        • RPI 2212 Fix vector instructions to support 0-31 vector registers by setting RXB high bits as required
        • RPI 2216 Correct vector register RXB field for cases such as R1,V3 where V3 uses V2 RXB bit
        • RPI 2217 Correct SETA to support all self-defining terms like X'20', B'100000', etc.
      • Enhancements
        • RPI 2212 TEST\TESTINS6.MLC has been renamed and moved to ZOPCHECK\ZOPCHECK.MLC
          with its own BAT\ZOPCHECK command. The total number of opcode
          and operand tests has grown from 2216 to 2336 by adding some missing
          mnemonics in zopcodes.cpy. The program has now been optimized so its BAL file
          can now be run on mainframe using IBM COBOL course system. The only missing
          opcode errors were for DIAG, SIE, and PGIN. Most of the errors generated
          are primarily due to mask fields not having specific bit settings for specific
          instruction options. Additional errors were for specific register requirements
          for floating point and 128 bit result instructions.
        • RPI 2213 Add DIAG RS and SIE S undocumented emulation and testing instructions
        • RPI 2214 Add new structured macros contributed by Dan Snyder
        • RPI 2215 Add new  z390 option SYSZVSAM(0/1/2) for use with new ZVSAM support
        • RPI 2218 Update Perl scripts for Linux contributed by John Ganci
    • z390_v1701.zip - fixes and enhancements - Released 2020-09-22
      • See z390_v1701_readme.txt for how to install and run regression tests and demos
      • Fixes
        • RPI 2210 Fix SETA to correctly handle EQU variable name passed as parm during pseudo code generation
        • RPI 2212 Fix assembler to correctly handle vector registers 0-31 and set RXB bits required for 16-31
        • RPI 2213 Add x'83' DIAGNOSE/DIAG RS instruction and x'b214'  SIE S instruction to assembler
      • Enhancements
        • Add Perl commands to process BAT files on Linus
        • Add zCOBOL runtime and macro libraries to run COBOL  demos
    • z390_v1700.zip - Released 2020-09-02
      • See z390_v1700_readme.txt for how to install and run regression tests and demos
      • Supports Oracle SE 8 or Open JDK with option to rebuild z390.jar from sources
      • Includes new regression test TESTINS6.MLC to verify 2118 opcodes and mnemonics in az390 assembler
      • Zip file with z390 Directory files for v1506 with all demos and documentation
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